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Title: Uploading files to the CS Depot (New updated instructions for Planet Coaster)
Post by: shyguy on October 08, 2013, 01:20:06 PM
Uploading a file to the CS Depot can sometimes be confusing. The first problem you may run into is finding the "upload" button.

First, when you're at the CS Depot site, click on the "Downloads" tab in the top menu. Next, choose the category of the type of file you are uploading, whether it be "Custom Scenery", "CTR/CFR/CT", "Parks", etc. On the next screen, you'll see the "Add a Download" tab in the upper left. That will take you to the "Add Download" page. Then fill out the title, a description, add keywords if you like, and choose the file you want to upload by clicking the "Browse" button, and then you can upload up to two images. (You'll also notice that you can change the category in the drop down menu under the title, so it isn't absolutely necessary to choose the correct category in the beginning)

Click the "Add Download" tab at the bottom, and you're all set. The maximum file size is 50MB. You file name cannot contain an apostrophe, or you will get an error message. Once your file is uploaded, it will then have to be approved by an admin. This should never take more than 24 hrs., and usually much sooner.

Also, you can update your file anytime, if you need to fix a bug, add some extra objects, or change a photo. It will have to be approved once again, though.

Uploads MUST contain a screenshot or they will not be approved. (There are some very rare exceptions, such as a cs set with invisible objects)
Title: Re: Uploading files to the CS Depot
Post by: shyguy on May 17, 2015, 05:52:49 PM
From now on, screenshots that accompany cs sets MUST be converted into medium resolution .jpg format. And they should be no larger than 800 pixels wide. The size of each screenshot should be 100kb or less. (I will accept graphic files over 100 kb, but anything over 300kb will not be accepted. This is to save space on the server. Members are uploading HUGE graphic files in .bmp and .png format. I only have so much space on the server, so please keep the graphic files as small as possible.

Title: Re: Uploading files to the CS Depot (New updated rules on graphics & .trk files)
Post by: shyguy on May 18, 2015, 07:54:23 PM
The CS Depot will no longer be a hosting single .trk files.

So please do not upload .trk files unless they are bundled with a park file (.dat) or with a CTR or CS set. There may be rare exceptions, but only if the .trk file is of exceptional quality. But as a general rule, an upload that consists of a .trk file only, will not be approved and will be deleted from the site. The same applies to a .dat file that consists only of one or more un-themed coasters.

If uploading a .dat file, it should be of a fully themed ride or a full park. Also, you may not bundle other member's custom scenery sets with your upload. It is best to create a readme file listing the sets needed. You may also post links to where members may acquire the sets.
Title: Re: Uploading files to the CS Depot (New updated rules on graphics & .trk files)
Post by: shyguy on August 25, 2017, 11:45:09 AM
Planet Coaster

You may add links to the Steam Workshop for your Planet Coaster parks, rides, and blueprints. Your projects can get some added exposure through the CS Depot, and not get lost within the hundreds of thousands of other items available for Planet Coaster through the Workshop. Just paste the url where it says "Upload Url:" Be sure to include a screenshot.

With the ability to add billboards to the game, along with your own music and sound files, the CS Depot has opened its doors to accepting these files for upload. Now you can have a centralized place where players can get those extra files so they can enjoy downloading and visiting your parks even more.

Here's how to add your Planet Coaster stuff to the CS Depot.

There are currently 3 categories for Planet Coaster uploads...Parks, Blueprints, and UserMedia/Music Files.

To add a Steam Workshop link to a park or blueprint, be sure to first choose the correct category. Paste the url to your Steam Workshop page in the "Upload Url:" field. Or, you can upload the actual file if you like. Just choose "Upload File:" instead. Add a screenshot (must be uploaded from your hard drive) and that's it. Be sure your screenshot file is under 300,000 bytes, or it won't be accepted.

To upload your media files, (sound effect, music, images, etc.)zip them in a single package and choose "Upload File:". Never use "Upload File: and "Upload Url:" in the same upload page. It will only accept one or the other, so you can't use "Upload Url:" to post a link to your park on Steam. You need to paste the url in the description field. I have raised the maximum file size limit to 40Mb. You will need to split your files into multiple packages if the combined zipped file exceeds 40Mb. (I may up the limit, if it becomes necessary) Make sure to include directions on where to install the files in your zipped package. Add a screenshot of your park, and you're done.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask here.
Title: Re: Uploading files to the CS Depot (New updated rules on graphics & .trk files)
Post by: shyguy on August 25, 2017, 11:46:42 AM
A 4th category has been added to Planet Coaster downloads. It is for rides that are too big for blueprints.
Also, the maximum file size has been increased to 50MB.